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Be the leader of your wellness journey.

Ready for your radical reclamation?

I’m living the wellness revolution lifestyle, building my empire as a holistic healer, wife and mom of two boys living on New Hampshire’s seacoast.

You’re probably like I was, searching for  all things healthy for the mind, body and soul. But at a loss for full recovery.

 After a successful career, I was living as a stay at home mom for many years enjoying the life I had created.  I was the “picture of health” on the outside, but a ball of stress on the inside.

 Anxiety and the juggling of the relentless demands of life had me focused on everyone else. Burning my precious energetic resources, like a BLOW TORCH.

You know what it’s like running on empty and feeling like you are slowly falling apart?  Living a lifestyle that is not sustainable is probably getting the best of your joy and freedom!


In 2014, my dream life came crashing down. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. This was a HUGE wake up call.  My world stopped. We are given obstacles that shape us into who we are meant to be, and guide us to where we are meant to go.  

You will find your true strength and it will breath new life into your world.

Gratitude,  courage and unconditional love made all the difference in me


Taking an active role in my own healing and diving deep into the world of wellness, as my life was hanging by a thread, I decided to become a health coach.  

I was at my lowest, but was sparked by inspiration.

The calling to support women to reclaim their lives and bodies holistically birthed a passion to create a wellness revolution that transforms their entire life. 

Women all over the world have found the joy of being in this one body for this life as I’ve guided them to wellbeing.

We only have one chance to feel good, to hug our kids, to see the world.  We only have one chance to stop what we are doing and take a look inside.  

Your body is trying to tell you something, let’s get started.  I’m here to help you figure out what’s not working and how to heal your body, mind & spirit  so you can truly thrive.  

The time to radically up-level your wellness is now.  You’re worth it.

Let’s do this together so you can rise again. 



Meegan Sciretto is a holistic wellness coach supporting women in reclaiming their health to live more full and vibrant lives.  Before becoming a mother, Meegan was a regional manager for a medical device company specializing in neurosurgery. After being home with her kids and healing from her Lyme Disease diagnosis in 2014, she felt the call to become a more active participant in her own health.

As a result, she not only discovered how to begin her healing journey, but she went on to become a Certified Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute. 

Meegan lives on New Hampshire’s seacoast with her husband, two sons, Charlie and Jack, and their dog, Tucker.

Meegan earned her Bachelor of Science at the University of Delaware. She has also completed a graduate program with the Health Coach Institute in which she received her Transformational Coaching Method certification.  She is board certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is currently in the process of receiving her Hypno-therapy certification.