Your Body is Talking. Are You Listening?


I think by now most of you have heard the phrase “listen to your body.” It’s been thrown around pretty often lately. I know I myself talk about it A LOT.  I know it took me a while to grasp the concept and importance of listening to my body, and I get it now, I really get it.  And yes, there are those that do get it, but I am finding that there are many that don’t really understand what it means or why they should do it.

“Listening to your body” actually just refers to learning how to tune into the way your body talks to you.

The body is one smart cookie.  It sends you messages 24-7. You’re constantly receiving messages from your body in various forms like hunger, pain, pleasure, thirst, sickness, when you are tired...Some messages feel good and some not so much.  It’s those ‘not so good’ messages, the uncomfortable feelings that we tend to ignore or suppress as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, when you get in the habit of ignoring these messages, you miss out on what those messages are here to tell you.

For those that may not be so good at listening, you know the ones I am talking about…

The overachiever that works through colds, flus, bronchitis because they just can’t stop.

The burned out mom and caregiver who gives so much of themselves that they have no time or energy left at the end of the day for themselves.

The perfectionist that is so focused on getting things right that they are stressed out all of the time and they are wound so tight they could snap.

Do you fall into any of these categories?  I know I been.  More times than I can count.  Seriously...way too many times.  As I have mentioned, I am a stubborn one, so it takes me a while ;)

The truth is, we are ALL going to have times when we don’t listen what our body is telling us.  It’s going to happen and that’s ok.

What we are aiming for is ‘most of the time.’  And when we slow down and listen to our bodies, our lives and our health can improve. Who doesn’t want that?

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream! For me, the stubborn one over here, it had to scream before I started listening.

Some messages are easy and some make take years of exploration, healing, and inner detective work, and possibly a dash of surrender, or maybe a shit load, it all depends.

There are so many benefits to doing this.  Here are a few ways your life improves when you learn to listen to your body.

Better health

Your body tells you when you need to slow down and relax. These messages often come in the form of tiredness, flareups of old chronic issues, head and neck tension...If you ignore those messages, it will send louder ones (believe me, I know) in the form of sickness, injury, panic attacks, random physical symptoms.  I could go own, but I think you get what I mean.

Learning how to tune into your body will also give you the information you need to elevate your day to day health from “ I  feel fine” to “I feel amazing.”

Feeling less crazy around food

This is where so many can get tripped up. There is so much information about what and what not to eat out there.  How about this.  See how you feel after you eat something. Does it give you energy or take it away?  Does it make you feel good or like shit? Just because your bestie is a vegetarian doesn’t mean that is going to work for you.

Doing the work on this (and yes, this is going to take some work) will allow you to hear and understand your body’s messages around food.

When it comes down to it, instead of trying to adhere to rules and restrictions, it becomes mind-blowingly simple: what will make your body feel good?

More self-trust

The louder the messages get gives you the opportunity to ask questions, explore, and then address whatever you uncover.  With some practice, listening and responding to your body’s messages you will most likely feel more empowered, energized, happier and healthier.  With all of those things comes trust in yourself.

This is a big one.  Self-trust is the enemy of anxiety and insecurity.  Knowing I did this lets you relax into yourself, trusting that you and your body are always on the same team, and the answers are always inside of you. TRUST

As you start to play around with this and you notice that your body is talking to you.

  1. Stop and Recognize. Simply stop and become aware of how it is talking to you.
  2. Experience. Experience + feel fully any emotion associated with this.
  3. Tune in + Reflect.  Practice curiosity. Judgement-free zone. What is your body telling you?  Ask what your body really needs. 

Your body is the be all end all when it comes to knowing what’s best for you. It knows you well.  Listen to it.  Doing so will also help you reconnect to YOU!

Much love,


The Uninvited Third Party in my Relationship


I posted something on Instagram a couple weeks ago that stirred up A LOT of conversations.  So many of you reached out with thoughts, questions and thanks.  I felt compelled to dive in a little deeper and share with you here.  I did hesitate at first because it’s super personal. With that said, it is always my intention to be real and honest with all of you.  Pull back the covers and share with you the good, the bad and everything in between.  REAL LIFE. All in hopes that my message speaks to and reaches those that need it.

When we are faced with a crisis or trauma in life, in my case, it was Lyme Disease, many things can change. Relationships can be impacted. This is something many experience but may not always talk about.

When I first got diagnosed, I was one sick chick.  Little did I or my husband know that my recovery was going to be a long one.

When a serious illness or circumstance hits a significant other, both lives are dislocated. It has been quite the journey.  Not always easy, certainly not pretty and sometimes downright scary.  My illness, my experiences, my journey have changed me.  How could they not?  The changes have been profound.  It’s almost as if my illness became the uninvited third party in our relationship for a while.  It nudged its way into some very tender places. Into our daily activities and routines, into the images we had of each other, into the kitchen, into our bedroom. Pretty much everywhere.  It touched the lives of everyone around me. For a time it was my Lyme that was making decisions that once belonged to us.

We rolled with the punches.  Our relationship for a time became one of caregiver and patient in a sense. There were times I felt like we lost “us.” So scary.  But my love, Sal.  My husband of what’s going on 19 years didn’t miss a beat.  He was and is always there for me and my family.

Unconditional love and support.  The kind that gets stronger during challenging times.

So here I am, having regained my health.  Living a new normal, but oh so grateful to have my health and my life back.  I am a very different person in so many ways. This leaves us to navigate some new waters. We are adjusting, learning, growing. Communicating. This is key.  And to be perfectly honest, this was really, really hard for me in the beginning, because we had already been through so much. Not knowing what would come up, not wanting to hurt his feelings or be hurt. But it was the only way to go. To be open and honest about what each of us is feeling and experiencing. Clear communication.  Not always easy, not easy at all.  But we don’t give up easily and there is a whole lot of love that binds us together.

This photo represents so much for me.  “With you, I am home.”


Motivation to Move Our Bodies


Last week, I ran a little healthy habits challenge.  It was so much fun! It was wonderful connecting with beautiful women looking to take charge and take steps towards building foundations for a healthy lifestyle.

There were many things that came up during our week together. One being motivation and staying motivated and consistent.  This was primarily focused on movement.  Exercising, moving our bodies. But it can really apply to anything in our lives if you think about it.

Motivation to move our bodies doesn’t always come easily.  For so many, the new year brings the “I am going to exercise more.” attitude.  And, for many, this does not last long. One contributing factor is motivation.  Low motivation can be devastating to those thinking about or just beginning to exercise.

Here’s the thing, our brains often prove tougher to train than our bodies, and when our brains aren’t entirely on board with our plans to move our bods, our bodies tend to take the path of least resistance.  Can anyone relate to that?  I know I can.

Motivational challenges strike most of us at one time or another. These slumps can be caused by many different things.  One thing that does stand out is that we tend to put too much emphasis on external motivators.

By external motivators, I am referring to things/concerns that exist outside of us. Such as a goal weight on the scale, the image in the mirror, or our concern about what other people will think.  Internal motivators, on the other hand, are our internal standards and satisfactions.  Our desire to do our best.  Expressing our true values and following our authentic interests.

I am talking about movement in particular, but this can apply to many things in our life.  What is your why, what are your motivating factors for wanting to achieve something?  Whether that be in your health or in your life.  Are your motivating factors internal or external?  I invite you to take a look at this and see what you find.

Back to why we want to exercise.  Possibly the initial focus is achieving a flatter stomach or losing some weight. While that external motivator might get you moving initially (and I am not saying these are not valid reasons), it’s just unlikely that it is going to keep you going over the long term. What is the why underneath your why?  This is where I invite clients to look within themselves to come up with some internal motivators. Value-based goals, such as an authentic desire to enjoy a more active lifestyle or truly wanting to make your health a priority. It’s an amazing conversation when we dig down and connect to these things.  For example, you may find that you have more success focusing on that flatter stomach or weight loss goals when they are tied to authentic internal motivators. Like,” I want to be a good example for my kids. I want to take care of myself so I can be the best version of me.” These will be individual to you.

I have been there, friends.  Having been a very active and fit person before my Lyme, I was faced with the reality that I physically was not able to exercise, let alone walk at times (and when I did it was extremely painful and with a limp). This was very hard for me to swallow, very hard.

Movement was a huge part of my life.  It was a big adjustment for me.  During this time, I came to the realization that yes, I did exercise for the benefits, it did contribute to the healthy lifestyle I was living.  But here’s the thing.  Much of my motivation, my motivating factors were external.  Like the image in the mirror, maintaining a healthy weight, and to be super honest, in part what other people thought.  Makes me a little uncomfortable saying that, but it was true back then.

I thought about all of this during the time when I was not able to move all that well. The times when I would visualize me moving my body.  Flowing through yoga poses, standing at the barre, walking Tucker.  All in my mind's eye.

You see, I didn’t appreciate my body’s ability to move and feel.  I didn’t until it was taken from me. So here I am.  Having regained my health. Adjusting to a new normal.  A reintroduction to my body and how amazing it is.  I am regaining my strength, I am now exercising, moving my body consistently.  But with a whole new perspective.  A whole new appreciation and love.

These days before I begin to move, I take some deep breaths and center my attention.  I reconnect with my internal motivators.  I thank my body and appreciate it for its ability to move and feel. Because you know how the saying goes, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

It is this gratitude-grounded attitude that nourishes my body and mind.

What are your internal motivators?  Perhaps, you have never thought about it in this way.  I invite and encourage you to think about this.  Make a list if you don’t have one.  Revisit and reconnect with your internal motivators.  They can help you maintain momentum.  And most importantly, always be gentle with yourself!


The Power of Saying No


“No is golden. No is the power the good witch wields”

~Cheryl Strayed

Can I get a hell yes?!  Thank you, Ms. Cheryl Strayed for your wise words.

Why is it so hard to say no? For children, no is the most powerful word in the Universe.  Anyone with kiddos knows what I am talking about! Though as we grow older, it becomes a word that leaves many feeling guilty for saying it.

I think we can all attest to the fact that we have said yes to things in our lives that we really do not want to do.  Why is that? Why do we say yes to things we don’t want to do?  Is it the fear of what people will think?  Fear of disappointing someone?  Is it our attempt to please others?

These are important questions.  What are you really saying yes to? And do these endless yeses lead to a build-up of possible resentment and exhaustion?

This is a topic I have not only dug into in my own life, it is one I learned from so much that I carry it over into the work I do with women.

I used to be the queen of saying yes.  Always saying yes to pretty much everything that was asked of me.  If I am being honest, when I look back, I really didn’t want to do all of those things.  I said yes, because I felt it was what I “should” do, maybe because everyone else was doing it and, “what would people think if I said no?” 

Here is the thing.  Saying yes, when you really want to say no drains you.  It zaps your energy and can leave you feeling a little cranky, maybe even a little pissy because you are doing something you don’t want to do!  Why do we do this to ourselves?

It was only until I got sick in 2014, and was literally forced to stop, that I started saying no.  At first, of course, I tried to maintain my ‘yes’ routine but quickly discovered that it wasn’t serving me, or my health and well-being.

I was looking for anything I could do to help myself heal.  On the list...I started saying no.  It was pretty awkward at first, really uncomfortable.  I was for so long the ‘yes girl.’ 

WOW!  Who knew how good it would feel to say no?!  Saying no to things you don’t want to do opens you up to so much more.  To things and opportunities that you may not have realized even existed.  Or simply, it opens you up to having free time.  What you do with that time is your choice.  You get to choose what you do with your time. Isn’t that a novel idea? ;)

If saying no is a new concept to you, then like any new habit you are incorporating into your life, it will take time.  It will take practice. The more you do it, the more it will become clear to you what in fact is a hell yes and what is a hell no!

There is so much power to saying no.  For me, it has been super freeing and empowering.  Saying no is indeed an act of self-care.  And if you know me and are familiar with my work, radical self-care is a non-negotiable.

What can you start saying no to in your life?  Get ready friends, you are going to find it opens you up to so much more!



Kickstart 2018

7 DayMS.png

Happy New Year everyone!

This is the time of year that I often get asked for ideas and tips on how to be healthier. You might be asking the same question, especially with it being the beginning of a new year.  Along with that comes intentions and goals that we may have set for ourselves or would like to set for ourselves.  But perhaps you have given up on doing that because you have failed in the past. What if you had a little inspiration, a little motivation, some support to kickstart 2018 and get you on your way to feeling your best? Does that sound good to you?  

If your answer is yes, I invite you to join me for my FREE 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge which kicks off 1/22/18.

I know it can be hard to lead a healthy lifestyle when you are super busy and on the go.  Believe me, I know!

As we begin this new year, and with many asking and desiring to create new healthy habits for themselves, I put together this fun little offering.  I have created easy to follow sustainable advice and practical tips that empower you to reclaim your true health and wellness. Body and mind.

Who’s with me?  What do you have to lose?  It’s FREE and it’s only 7 days my friends.  I would love to have you.  And most importantly, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Head on over to for details and to sign up.




Accountability to help you reach your goals


Here we are, only a few more days left in 2017.  What a year it has been!

This is a time when many of us are reflecting on the year gone by and our wheels are spinning and we are plotting, planning, and envisioning what our goals, I actually prefer to call them intentions, are for the coming year.

It is a fact that for most, when goal setting for the coming year, health and wellness are on peoples’ list.

I want to share with you one very important thing that can help you get to where you want to be.

That thing is ACCOUNTABILITY.  Accountability is when you take responsibility for your actions.  When you “own” them.  

And it is key to improving your health and wellness.

Have you ever bought a book or program with the absolute best intentions of following it to a “T?” Have you ever not followed it completely?  Life gets in the way. We get too tired or busy and let a day or two slide.  Then, sometimes, we completely fall off the bandwagon.  Can anyone relate?  I know I can.

This happens to the best of us.  You can have all the right information, know what you should do, but the implementation is the hard part. 

Accountability is more of the “doing” than the “knowing.” Like I said,  it’s when you already know what you should be doing; but, it doesn’t always happen.  And accountability, when you know someone is measuring or checking your actions, makes you more likely to do them.

What are some options for accountability?

Start a journal.  Write down your goals/intentions.  I feel this is a good place to mention that you want to make sure you don’t set too many.  We don’t want to set ourselves up for failure.  Journal each day the actions you took to get you one step closer to what it is that you want. This is also a good time to free write. Write about how you are feeling. Let whatever wants to come out come out. This can be a super therapeutic process. It’s important to go back and check your progress.

Find a buddy. Get an accountability buddy.  Someone you have shared your intentions with.  Perhaps this person may have set the same intention for themselves.  Ask this person to follow up with you.  Someone you trust and are comfortable with.  Make sure they know your “why” and can remind you of it when you need it. Someone that won’t be afraid to give you some “tough love” from time to time.

Hire a coach (like me).  I love guiding and supporting women on their path to true health and wellness. Sometimes, the accountability, support and the right system are what it takes to make real lasting change in your life.

Truth be told, I never really understood the power of working with a coach until I worked with one myself.  



Time to Look in the Mirror


It was my birthday this past Monday, the 18th of December.  I turned 45.  Holy shit!  How and when the hell did that happen?!  What a wild ride it’s been.

I have been on an amazing, sometimes messy, sometimes painful, but very beautiful journey these past few years. It was this very month exactly three years ago that I decided things were going to change.  I had been living with my Lyme for a year already and it was stripping me of everything...everything.  I had a moment of complete surrender and it was at this time that I made the decision that I was not going to let my illness define me.  I was open to what it had to teach me. I have said many times, it was my greatest teacher.  I was ready to reclaim my health, my wellness, my life. I was ready to reclaim ME.

As 2017 is winding down, I can’t think of a better time to look in the mirror.  It’s a perfect time to get real. Real AF.  To get intentional.

About who you are, how you are feeling and what YOU want.

About what you are saying yes to, what your intentions are.

About what you are going to release and get rid off.

About what you are going to make room for, space for.

About what you want to call into your life.

What do you want, my friends?

As I look in the mirror and reflect, I see how far I have come.  I am proud of myself. In so many ways, I still feel the best is yet to come. I am beyond grateful for all that I have and all that is coming.  I also see the things that are blocking me, some lingering bad habits, I see it all.  I accept it all.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  The light and the dark.

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light”
Brene Brown

My point is, it’s never too late my friends.  Just look at me.  I never would have imagined I would be doing what I am doing now.  It all started when I made the choice.  The choice to make a change.  We all have the choice.  Life is a choice.  All day, every day.  Our lives become defined by our choices.  It’s a simple and as complex as that.  And as powerful.  It is never too late to take charge of your health, your well-being, your life.  It comes down to what you choose.

So go ahead, take a look in the mirror.  What do you see, what do you feel, what do you want?

Are you ready to take steps to make real lasting change in your life? Are you ready for change?  If your answer is yes, but you don’t want to go it alone.  I’m right here. I invite you to schedule a free discovery call with me.  I would love nothing more than to help you feel good again and guide you home to your true health.  Mind. Body. Soul.

Lots of love,


Season of Well-Being


My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.

~Maya Angelou

The first time I first came across this quote, it struck a chord.  It was at a time that I was just starting to regain my health.  Yes, I did not just want to survive, I wanted to thrive dammit.  Looking back, even before my Lyme, I was living in survival mode for a long time.  Don’t we all deserve to thrive?  Don’t you want to thrive in this beautiful precious life of yours? 

Whether you are plagued by a host of chronic symptoms and/or you are finding yourself just surviving. Perhaps feeling a bit lost, feeling as if your health and, in turn, your life have gone off the rails. These things do not have to be this way, they are not inevitable. You are not delegated to a life of popping pills for everything and a life of symptoms and disease.   A life of just getting by.

Your body has the unbelievable ability to go beyond what you have been led to believe.  You have much more control over your health than you think.

There is an explanation for why you feel sick and tired.  It’s not just “I have bad genes,” or the proverbial “getting older sucks.” You have to give your body and your mind the ingredients it needs to mobilize its self-healing response. Daily.

So, as we near the end of 2017, I ask you to do a little check in.  How is what you have been doing working for you? How are you feeling? What is your body craving, your mind, your soul?  How are you feeling?  Are you ready to reclaim your health, your life and become the best version of you?

What do you think?  Are you ready to go find her?  That vibrant, beautiful, energetic woman that once was.  She is still there.

If you let me join you in your life, I know we can work wonders together. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard. I want to show you that there are gentle achievable supportive ways to give you the results that you have been looking for.

My one-on-one coaching packages focus on you and what you need to feel like yourself again and get your life back. I want you to remember what it feels like to feel really good again, I mean really, truly good again.  It is possible. No more of the “I’m just getting older” or medication for the rest of my life bullshit.

Are you ready to do this?  I invite you to hop on over to to book a free discovery call with me.  I would love nothing more than to help guide you to your true health.

Much love,