Post Thanksgiving Reset


Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I hope all of you had a lovely holiday.

The holidays almost always include food and drink that may not be a regular part of our routines.  If you overindulged on Thanksgiving, you are not alone. We have all experienced the dreaded food coma. Nothing to panic about!

You may find that you may be craving a fresh start, a little reset perhaps. And that’s exactly what I am going to share with you. Some simple tips on how to reset and recover and get your body and mind back on track.

First things first.  Don’t beat yourself up

Practice a little food forgiveness here.  What is done is done.  You can’t go back and change it.   Feeling guilty and beating yourself up over it does not lead to healthy habits, let alone self- love.  If you chose to indulge, my hope is that it was done with no judgment and you enjoyed the hell out of it.  Afterwards, make the decision to pick yourself back up and continue your normal routine of eating healthy and moving your body.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

I can’t stress this enough.  Even if you didn’t overindulge with booze, it’s a great way to cleanse your system. Start your day off with a large glass of water. Ideally, you want to drink half your weight in ounces each day.  Nowhere near that?  No worries, increase a bit each day.  You may be spending a bit more time in the bathroom in the beginning, but your body will soon adjust.  You will be well on your way to optimum hydration.

Move your body

You don’t need to suddenly change up your exercise routine and go all out. Pick something you enjoy and stick with it.  Exercising will speed up your recovery and begin the cleansing process. It will also help clear your mind and relieve any stress/anxiety that may have built up during your family gatherings.

Healthy eats

I know there are some out there that have the mindset that they now have to starve themselves or skip meals.  STOP IT, just STOP. That is not serving your body or your mind. It will not only start negative self-talk, but it will also send your body into conversion mode...burn fewer calories and hang onto any added fat (rather than letting it go).  Instead, choosing and focusing on healthy foods is a great idea.

Eating nutrient-rich meals will help your system get back on track and will also keep your blood sugar and insulin levels balanced. Consistency will allow your body to restore balance more quickly.


One of the best ways for our bodies to recover, whether it be from food or people or both, is rest.  We all know the best way to rest is to sleep.  This may be a challenge for some.  But getting adequate amounts of sleep plays a huge part in our health and overall well being.  So be aware of how much sleep and downtime you are getting.  Listen to your body. When you are tired...REST. Perhaps try hitting the sack a little earlier than usual so you get some extra hours in. Your body will recover and bounce back faster.

So there you have it friends, a few tips to help you get back on track!