Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season


And just like that, Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away with Christmas on its tail!

My list has started.  We have been hosting Thanksgiving (with the exception of one year) since 1999.  I have a very different approach going into the holidays the past few years.  Thinking back, I would put myself in a frenzy to get ready for the holidays.  Everything had to be just right for this perfectionist over here. Now recovering ;) All of these emotions were taking away from the whole experience. Taking away from what the holidays are all about.

The good news is that we always have a choice. Always. We can change the way we approach the holidays and make sure we are taking care of ourselves.  Since committing to this new approach, it has allowed me to take care of loved ones, that includes myself.  I have learned how by tending to my own light, we will light up the world around us.

I want you to think about this…

There is only one constant in your life.  From the time you say hello world at your arrival to the time you leave.  That is you.  Yourself. You are the only person on your journey. People and things will come and go, but you remain. As you experience changes and new situations, you make millions of choices on how to react, and on how you to choose to move forward and what you take away from these experiences. I am responsible for being in my best physical, spiritual and emotional health.  

Ever since my wake up call, that being Lyme disease, self-care has been a non-negotiable for me.  It has been one of my most important values. I quickly come to notice that when I don’t take care of myself, every other area of my life takes a hit.

It’s fairly common to feel that self-care shouldn’t be a priority, that it is selfish.  I run into this with my clients often.  It just takes a willingness to give it a try, and should you start dabbling (which I highly recommend), I hope you experience what I have.  Self-care is one of the most important practices that can be implemented into a person’s life.  It will transform you and the world around you.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us wish that the world had more love, connection and giving.  Now more than ever!  So, my friends, I encourage you to start bringing those into your own life.  Your light connects beyond you.

If what you have read so far resonates with you and you are thinking you would like to give this self-care thing a try, but how do you begin?  For me, I define self-care as giving myself permission to do anything that is focused on me,  My mind, body and spirit.  There is no one answer for what self-care can look like.  It’s is highly personal to what you need at that moment.  It can be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep or saying no to things we really don’t want to do, nourishing our bodies with the foods that are right for us.

If you are looking for a little inspo on self-care habits, head on over to www.meegansciretto.com/freegift for a  self-care checklist.

I have also shared a few of my favorites below.  Choose what feels right for you.

Getting out in nature
Using my essential oils
Connection with friends
Practicing gratitude

You have all the answers you need within you that will help you nurture yourself.  Slow down, listen, tune in.  Ask yourself what you need in this very moment.

Here are some helpful questions that you can ask yourself:

What am I feeling right now?
What foods are going to give me energy rather take it away?
What is my body telling me?
Where in my body am I feeling stress, sadness or pain?
What would nurture my physical, emotional and spiritual health?

You will start to feel out what is right for you. When you practice self-care, you are also practicing self-compassion. As you give compassion to yourself, you are in turn offering compassion to others.

During the holidays, we are so quick to give our time and energy that we tend to end up feeling completely depleted afterwards. As you go through this holiday season, make time to check in with yourself.  Have you done something for yourself today?  One thing I like to do is set little reminders on my phone to prompt me to do so in the event that I haven’t.  

Practicing self-care on the daily has been a game changer for me.  It is empowering to be able to make small daily choices that have positive ripple effects through my life.  I know my family feels it.

As we move into the holiday season, choose you.  So you can strengthen your light and use it to shine on the world around you.

Much love~