Spring has sprung! Time to clear the clutter

Spring has finally arrived here in the Northeast.  The days are longer and the weather is getting warmer.  

It is a time for fresh starts and inspiration!

This is the time of year where many of us get the itch to clear the clutter. So why not extend the task of spring cleaning to the rest of your life? 

 It is not just our homes or office spaces that can benefit from a good spring clean!

Here are a few areas of your life that may be in need of a good cleaning...

Clean up you relationships

What relationships are draining you?  

If you are holding onto relationships that no longer make you feel good, it may be time to let them go.  If you think it may just be a rough patch, then try talking it out with your friend or partner.  However, keep in mind, if they have been bringing you down for a while, it's probably time to switch things up an focus on those people around you who make you happy instead.  

Straighten out your finances

If you want to start with a clean slate and a clear mind, one of the best things you can do is get your finances in order.  

Full disclosure, this is one area of my life that I avoided for years!

I have FINALLY committed to doing this and I am so happy that I have.  It can be scary to assess your financial situation. I get it.  But ignoring this will only cause your worries to eat away at you. 


From sports to music lessons, children are always running from one activity to the next. As we get older, somewhere along the way many of us abandon the hobbies an interests we used to love in favor of our growing list of to-do's and obligations.  I was guilty of this for a long time.

So I encourage you to think about adding some fun back into your routine. Try starting up an activity you used to enjoy or possibly give something new a try.  

Clear you schedule

How are you spending your time?  Is it on things worth spending it on?  Get honest with yourself.  Many of us go through our days spending time on things that don't really matter and then we end up complaining that we can't fit things in that we do!

So rather than let time slip away, go through your week and weed out some things in your schedule. 

Declutter your mind

Is your emotional sock drawer full?  Many of us hold onto negative emotions over time. Emotions can sometimes get the best of us.  They can often take over other areas of our lives. Holding onto negative emotions can also be detrimental to your health and happiness.  Are these emotions adding any value to your life?  I think not.

It is time to LET GO.

You might also want to find a method to help in dealing with your stress and anxiety, such as meditation, yoga or journaling.

Spruce up your diet

Whether due to lack of inspiration or habit, we can often end up eating the same meals over and over without mixing it up.  To liven up your mealtimes and boost your inspiration for cooking, try experimenting with different foods and new recipes.  

Get rid of clutter

While you are busy cleaning up the other areas of you life, this is also a good to time to clear out any household clutter.  Throw away or give to charity things you don't use anymore.  Clear out the kitchen cabinets of junk food, maybe get some new throw pillows, possibly re-arrange your furniture to freshen up your home.

If you think about it, we tend to be products of our environment and the environment we create reflects our physical, mental and emotional health.  

Life can get messy and disorderly when you are constantly trying to balance everything.  When your environment becomes disorganized, our physical, mental and emotional health can get sloppy as well and we tend to feel less energetic.  

Clearing the clutter in your life gives you the ability to get rid of what isn't serving you and makes space for the new.  I think you will find that it will allow you to gain more clarity, insight and awareness.  

What areas of your life need a good spring clean?

Happy Spring!