What I have learned from stepping outside my comfort zone

For so long, I stayed inside my little box, my comfort zone.

Inside this zone things are pretty routine: no risk, a safe and somewhat predictable place.
(Enter) that little voice inside my head saying, “it’s time, it’s time to go, to do and be.”

My internal voice echoing back, “But what I wondered? What can and will I do?”

I wanted the voice to just go away and let me be.

But it didn’t, it just got stronger.

So, I entertained this little voice in my head. At the time, I had all the time in the world. I was relatively house bound because of my Lyme Disease.

And so, it began…I discovered this thing called health coaching.

I enrolled in a program, got my certification, enrolled in another program and during all of this started my own business. All the while, running the household as a wife and mother. Talk about stepping outside your comfort zone!

There was so much to learn and I am still learning. It's a never-ending process.

There are times when I want to retreat to my little comfortable space. We are wired to seek out comfort, which is why it is sometimes so hard to let go.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being in your comfort zone, unless you get too comfortable and start holding yourself back instead of challenging yourself to learn, grow, engage and try new things!

And I am doing exactly just that. Learning, growing, engaging and trying new things. I don’t think I will ever forget the time my coach mentioned that I needed to start blogging. SAY WHAT??? I immediately went into panic mode. “Blogging? Are you kidding me? I am not a good writer. What will I share with my audience?”

I was so scared to put anything out there for all of you to read. But I did it, I knew I had to and there was also a part of me that wanted to, but I was afraid.

So I took, yet, another step outside my comfy little zone.

Putting myself out there is without a doubt uncomfortable, but by doing that, I am achieving new things I didn’t think possible.

I am also connecting with amazing people.

I have come to find that stepping outside your comfort zone can help you become the type of person that inspires not only others, but yourself.

It has also been liberating in a way. I am noticing that I am starting to banish my once all-consuming fear of failure. This is a BIG deal for me…BIG DEAL. I believe the topic of fear is another blog on its own 😊.

I invite you all, to make a list of things that you can do to gently step outside your comfort zones starting today.

It doesn’t need to be extreme.

Reaching out to new people, applying for a new job, or trying a new exercise class that you have been wanting to go to.

These are just some ideas that might push you gently outside your comfort zone. You might be slightly fearful, or hesitant to try, but consider giving yourself a gentle push. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Doing this has been pivotal in my personal growth.

I don’t believe any of us are meant to stop growing and changing. Growth is a lifelong journey that never ends. Give yourself permission to gently push yourself. Allow and find peace with being perfectly imperfect. Keep opening yourself up a little more and continue growing because unless you do that, you are depriving yourself of your full potential.

I can say from experience that beautiful things happen outside your comfort zone.