Practicing What I Preach


How’s it going, friends?

I have not sent anything out to you in the past few weeks as I was deep into ‘practicing what I preach.’  I was definitely feeling the need to go in, create more space for myself and give myself some extra TLC. It was needed.  And let me tell you, it is still a struggle for me at times. It is sometimes hard for me to not want or feel I need to do all the things for everyone in my personal life and in my business. There is a reason I teach what I do, they are the things I most need to learn.  And yes, I am still learning. It’s a continual process. When I get caught up in this (the good thing is, I don’t linger in this place for all that long now), it means I am not taking enough time for myself. Which in turn leaves me feeling like crap and kind of pissed off. That is not how I want to be feeling day in and day out, how about you?

This is a big reason why nothing has landed in your inbox in a few weeks. Did you miss me?! ;)  I didn’t want to just throw something together and hit send for the sake of making sure there was a blog from me each week.  My intention is to share content with you from a very real and authentic place.

Which is what I am doing with you today, sharing where I am at, what I have been going through and maybe some of you reading this can relate.  Just know, it’s ok, it’s ok to not do all the things, it’s ok to mess up, it’s ok to take time for yourself...guilt free.


I am going to leave you with this quote by one of my favorites, Yung Pueblo.

“pause your life if you need to,
care for yourself lovingly,
do not ignore your rest,
slow down so you can take a deep breath”

Much love,