Accountability to help you reach your goals


Here we are, only a few more days left in 2017.  What a year it has been!

This is a time when many of us are reflecting on the year gone by and our wheels are spinning and we are plotting, planning, and envisioning what our goals, I actually prefer to call them intentions, are for the coming year.

It is a fact that for most, when goal setting for the coming year, health and wellness are on peoples’ list.

I want to share with you one very important thing that can help you get to where you want to be.

That thing is ACCOUNTABILITY.  Accountability is when you take responsibility for your actions.  When you “own” them.  

And it is key to improving your health and wellness.

Have you ever bought a book or program with the absolute best intentions of following it to a “T?” Have you ever not followed it completely?  Life gets in the way. We get too tired or busy and let a day or two slide.  Then, sometimes, we completely fall off the bandwagon.  Can anyone relate?  I know I can.

This happens to the best of us.  You can have all the right information, know what you should do, but the implementation is the hard part. 

Accountability is more of the “doing” than the “knowing.” Like I said,  it’s when you already know what you should be doing; but, it doesn’t always happen.  And accountability, when you know someone is measuring or checking your actions, makes you more likely to do them.

What are some options for accountability?

Start a journal.  Write down your goals/intentions.  I feel this is a good place to mention that you want to make sure you don’t set too many.  We don’t want to set ourselves up for failure.  Journal each day the actions you took to get you one step closer to what it is that you want. This is also a good time to free write. Write about how you are feeling. Let whatever wants to come out come out. This can be a super therapeutic process. It’s important to go back and check your progress.

Find a buddy. Get an accountability buddy.  Someone you have shared your intentions with.  Perhaps this person may have set the same intention for themselves.  Ask this person to follow up with you.  Someone you trust and are comfortable with.  Make sure they know your “why” and can remind you of it when you need it. Someone that won’t be afraid to give you some “tough love” from time to time.

Hire a coach (like me).  I love guiding and supporting women on their path to true health and wellness. Sometimes, the accountability, support and the right system are what it takes to make real lasting change in your life.

Truth be told, I never really understood the power of working with a coach until I worked with one myself.