Essential oils I never leave home without

Currently we are on a little family vacation.  As I was sitting in my hotel room thinking of ideas about what to write and reaching for one of my essential oils...of course.  I am going to share with you the oils we travel with.  Essential oils are a big part of mine and my family’s daily routine.  I never leave home without them.  

The atmosphere of travel lends itself to all kinds of things that can cause you not to feel your best. Essential oils are a great thing to have with you to help you stay healthy and enjoy your adventure.

Create a travel oil pack for yourself and carry it with you. I keep one in my purse and use it all the time. If you are traveling by air, you can either check them in your luggage, or make sure the combined amount is under the 3 oz. limit.  I have an adorable travel bag for my oils.  I take it out and pop it in the bin going through security.  I haven't had a problem this way.

What should you bring in your essential oil travel kit? It depends on where you are going and how long you are staying. But, for generally, there are a few oils you'll definitely want to have with you to help you through common situations.

My top suggested oils for travel are below.

  • Lavender

  • Lemon

  • Peppermint

  • On Guard Protective Blend

  • DigestZen Digestive Blend

  • Serenity Restful Blend

  • Balance Grounding Blend

  • Melaleuca

  • Breathe Respiratory Blend

  • Frankincense

  • Terrashield Outdoor Blend

  • Purify Cleansing Blend

  • Past Tense


Sun Burns

Too much time in the sun? Lavender is so amazing for soothing irritated skin. You can rub it on neat or add it to a carrier like fractionated coconut oil. For a cooling effect you can make a spray bottle with a couple drops of Lavender and a drop of Peppermint. Keep this with you and spritz it on when you need a boost.  

Bites & Stings

Lavender is soothing to bites and stings if you have it with you. But, my favorite to try is Purify Cleansing blend. It really helps soothe it fast. I apply it neat on the area with great results. Use just a little and apply again as needed.

Irritating Insects

If your travel plans call for anytime outdoors, you'll want some Terrashield with you. It's an awesome blend to help keep irritating bugs at bay. Use neat or create a mini spray bottle. You can pack the empty spray bottle in your carry on and fill it up when you get to your location. I use water and add the essential oil to the spray bottle. Shake before using then rub into the skin. It also comes in a pre-made spray bottle for convenience.

Motion sickness

Are your stomach and head in a swirl?  Perhaps you are feeling a little green. Peppermint will help. You can rub them around your feet, temples, and wrists or inhale from the bottle.  This came in handy yesterday when one of my sons was a bit nauseous after one too many rollercoaster rides.

Digestive Health

Travel often means different eating habits that can lead to uncomfortableness. DigestZen works amazingly well to keep you feeling your best. Add to water and drink(glass, metal or ceramic only please), or lick a drop off the back of your hand. You can also use this topically by rubbing it on your feet and stomach.

Jet Lag

Getting to a new location is fun but can be exhausting. Try Peppermint and Lavender rubbed into your temples and feet.

Use Lavender or Serenity Restful blend before bedtime to support a good night's sleep. Serenity is a family favorite. Either diffused throughout your room and/or topically.

Use Peppermint to help you wake up refreshed.

Immune Support

Help maintain healthy immune system with On Guard and Lemon.  On Guard rubbed into the bottoms of feet and or diffused.  There are lots of travel diffusers available on the market today.  Lemon is wonderful at helping flush out toxins.  A drop in a beverage of your choice(glass, metal or ceramic only please),is a quick, easy and delicious way to help maintain a healthy immune system.

Tired Legs & Feet

Peppermint or Deep Blue are great to perk up tired legs and feet. Great for after a long day. Rub on topically with a carrier if you have sensitivity.

I also like to rub a little Deep Blue on my lower back after a long car ride.

Cleansing & Purifying

When my travel includes traveling by plane, I make sure to have my oils close by. I open my On Guard or Purify during flight and just inhale from the bottle. You can also make a little spray bottle of On Guard and spritz  or just sprinkle a few drops here and there on the surfaces around you. Bring a travel diffuser for your hotel room. Try diffusing On Guard or Purify to clear it out.  

Anxious Feelings & Calming

Lavender, Balance, or Serenity would all be great to bring for pre-flight jitters, stressful situations, or trouble falling asleep. Applied topically, diffused or simply inhaled right from the bottle.

Seasonal Threats

Breathe is a must to have on hand while traveling. It's great for maintaining healthy respiratory function. Apply to the chest and bridge of nose or inhale directly from the bottle.  Also, if you have a travel diffuser, have that going. Also, Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint combined together are great for healthy response. Just add 2 drops each to water and swish and swallow.

Keeping Cool

Peppermint  is great for instant cooling. This was a lifesaver for me yesterday at an amusement park.  Swipe across the back of your neck and insides of your wrists. It works wonders!  If you are planning ahead, and know you it’s going to be a hot one, make a spray bottle and mist yourself often to keep from becoming overheated.

Healthy Skin

Sometimes travel brings challenges for the skin. Melaleuca and Lavender together make a great combination for skin. Use neat, mix together with a carrier, or create a soothing misting spray.  It’s also a great antiseptic for any cuts or scrapes.

Head Tension

Past Tense Tension Blend is awesome for headaches/tension. I put a swipe on the back of my neck and in the hairline by my temples. You can also use Peppermint, Lavender and Frankincense.

What are your must-have essential oils for travel?

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I look forward to guiding you on your wellness journey.

Wishing you safe + happy travels!