How Do You Want to Feel?


The other day I was out on the water testing out my new paddleboard. Just me on the water, taking it all in. The beauty of all that surrounded me.  It felt really, really good. I felt so grounded, present and at peace. That moment, those feelings...yes.  All of THIS.

I posted something on Instagram last week that started a conversation about how we want to feel, and the importance of paying attention to how we are feeling.

Feeling good I would say is an important ingredient to achieving true health.  When I say true health, that encompasses mind, body and spirit. How we feel in our mind, body and spirit has a direct impact on our wellbeing.

A while back I did some work with an amazing coach, Ash Cebulka, you should check her out. She opened me up... period. But she opened me up to the idea of identifying how we want to feel in our lives, our work, our relationships, all areas of our lives and the important role that it plays. Truly, I had never given it much thought.

Let me tell you, it was a game changer. Identifying how I wanted to feel in all areas of my life and taking steps to bring this into my life made such an impact on me. I experienced the benefits and rewards of doing this and I bring this concept into the work I do today.

In many ways, I use my feelings as my internal compass.  Does it feel good? Yes? Proceed. No? See ya, I’m out! When I am connected to how I want to feel, I am in alignment. There is a flow to life. I feel GOOD. When I lose that connection, no surprise...I feel off.

This was the list I made 4 years ago. And it holds true today.

I want to feel:

Abundant (in all areas of my life)
Fully ME

How do you want to feel, my friends?

Are you paying attention to how you want to feel?

My invitation to you is to make a list of how YOU want to feel. Not how you think you “should” feel, but from a place that you would truly love to operate from more than not.  Keep this list close, physically and mentally. Refer to it often, until you feel that it has just become part of your routine to check in.

Be honest and get real about how you want to feel in your life. All areas of your life.

When we focus on how we want to feel and figure out how to feel good, we start to create the right environment for our mind, body and soul to thrive.

Now go and give it a try.  It will not only benefit you but everyone around you.

Much love,