Take Back Your Weekends


Do you ever feel like there is no time for downtime? I hear this a lot. And for a long time, I felt the same way.

For many, a somewhat hectic week can roll right into an even more busy weekend.  Whether this is spent attending to household chores and or squeezing in as many activities as possible.

For many, the idea of having the weekend to rest, play and connect has become a thing of the past. Being constantly productive is the only way they know how to be.

I have been there, at times it is unavoidable. I get that.  With that said, it is important for us to remember that it is called a “weekEND” for a reason.  For me personally, I got into the habit of having a ginormous to-do list for our weekends. My husband would sometimes look at me like I was crazy. Sometimes it felt like the weekends were more full than the week! Trying to squeeze way too much into two days.

We all need rest and rejuvenation. Some may argue that or say they don’t have time.  Living life constantly in “doing” mode is not sustainable. The need to always be productive can really zap you of your energy.  Without that deep restorative time, we power through our jam-packed weekends, as I said before only to wake up Monday morning feeling tired and dissatisfied.

Can anyone relate?  Is that how you want to feel after your weekends?

I am guessing that your answer is no.

It’s time to take back your weekends.  Your body, mind and spirit need a break.

I hear it all the time. “I will take a break when I am done with xyz.” We rest when everything else is done. But are we ever really done with everything? Seriously, are we? If we don’t take creating this time and space for rest and play, we are never going to get it!

For some, this requires a little mindset shift.  It did for me. As I mentioned, I definitely fell into the trap of piling on all the things on the weekends.  Leaving little time for the important stuff. Time for self, play and connection with others. And not to mention that I want my kids to see the balance in it all.

If you are still with me,  you may be wondering saying, “that sounds great and all Meegan, but I work all week and the weekends are my only time to get other things done.” I get it.  However, with a little planning, you can start to take back your weekends.

Here are some things that worked for me:

Rethink and adjust 
Try tackling some of your chores during the week.  Spend a few nights doing the laundry, cleaning, paying the bills...spread them out over the week and however much you accomplish, stop after Friday.  This may create a little bit of anxiety for some of you. It will require adjusting your standards a bit. This was a tough one for me. But I stuck to it and I am truly OK with not having all the things checked off and I have learned to be OK with a little mess.

Prioritize nourishment
When I say nourishment.  I am not just speaking of food.  Spend time on you. Spend time on things that nourish YOU. Take care of you body through sleep, movement and healthy meals. Recharge through hobbies and other passions. Spend time with people who nourish you.

Find the things that fuel your mind, body and soul.  This is nourishment.

Carve out free time 
If there is spillover from the household or work and you must take care of it,  be sure to carve out some free time for yourself. Put it in your calendar, make an appointment with yourself.  Take your dog on a walk, go to an exercise class, go for a walk without your phone. The more you unplug during the weekend, the better you will feel on Monday.

Setting aside time to rest and recharge is essential for optimal health and well-being.  You just might find it might help you be more productive and creative too!

Are you feeling the need to take back your weekends?  Try one or all of the above and let me know how it goes.

Have a great weekend!