"I cannot say enough about Meegan and her coaching. She has been absolutely pivotal in my transformation. As we all know, change is hard. So hard! But Meegan has been there every step of the way. Supporting, encouraging, enlightening, and pushing. Meegan’s approach comes from a genuine place of love and respect. She has worked tirelessly to help me discover and work through my hang ups and replace them with new healthy habits specific to me. I’m always amazed at how much I learn from our sessions together. I could not have gone through this journey without her. Thank you Meegan, I am so grateful."

- L.M.

Working with Meegan helped me out of the hole I dug for myself. She laid the foundation to help me heal. In the beginning, I thought it was all about food, but she helped me see that it was much deeper than that. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She created a healing environment with no judgement. She empowered me to live a bigger and better life. For anyone wanting to make a change in not only their heath, but also their life and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend you reach out to Meegan

- A.P.

After a knee replacement and a torn Achilles’ tendon all in the same year, I was left with an open wound that would not heal and a bruised ego because of a limp due to the above. Meegan recommended some doTERRA oils and after one month my wound was completely closed! She also addressed digestive issues I have been living with for many years. Through some diet changes and developing a daily routine of supplements, exercise and positive thinking I found myself happy and relaxed again. I got myself back thanks to Meegan! Amazing that at nearly eighty years old, you can change your life! Thanks for the coaching experience Meegan, loved every challenge you handed me!

- Marion Carr

Words cannot fully express what an incredible coach Meegan is. She's patient, kind and empathetic, yet she challenged and stretched me outside my comfort zone. Her guidance and support have been invaluable for my life, both personally and professionally. If you have the opportunity to work with Meegan, please take it!

- Holly Roesser

Meegan is awesome! She is so helpful and she really knows what she is talking about. She really understands what real life is all about and she is so positive. She makes you focus on even the smallest accomplishments in your life and gives you credit for it.  She is probably the most positive, motivating person I have ever met. If you are not talking to her yet, you need to start NOW. LOVE HER!

- Kelli Goucher

Meegan was basically my rock.  My personal therapist in a way.  She was always accessible and always positive.  Initially, I thought we would only be delving into food, but this was really a mental journey for me.  It is SO much more than what you put in your mouth. She held me accountable and gently guided me along my way helping me through it all.  She was my biggest cheerleader.

- Erin Bernard

Meegan is such an amazing coach!  Her knowledge of all things health and wellness were impressive, but it is her intuition that blows me away!  She is super tuned in and knew what I needed and when I needed it. She lovingly pushed me to try new things and to believe in myself.  I wish I could carry a mini Meegan around in my pocket! She really helped me achieve some clarity and balance in my mind, body and soul. It was a fantastic experience working with her.

- Nicole Stevens

Working with Meegan has taught me how to truly take care of myself - mind, body and spirit.  I know how to listen to my body now and honor it. By incorporating all that I have learned during my work with Meegan,  my health and my life have improved dramatically. I am so grateful to have found her. She is an amazing coach.

- Samantha Haines

Meegan is a gift to this world!  She is inspiring, thoughtful, kind, caring and insightful.  I have learned so much from her. She has not only helped me take charge of my health, she has helped me see parts of my life differently which has led me to make some significant changes. Working with her was a game changer!

- Joyce Searles

Meegan came into my life when I was at a very low point.  I was going through some big life changes and also dealing with a chronic illness. Meegan has an amazing ability to hold space for her clients in a very gentle loving way.  We took each of my challenges head on and broke things down into manageable steps. I learned how to best eat for my body, also taking into account my illness. She taught me about self-care and how to nourish myself.  Mind, body and spirit.

Not only do I feel alive again, my symptoms have pretty much all disappeared.  I feel like I have a new lease on life. The work I have done with Meegan has been such a gift!  

- Sofia Evans

Working with Meegan has truly changed my life.  She is intuitive, kind and wise. She walks her talk and supports her clients in doing the same.  She was an exceptional guide on my journey to health, happiness and living my life to the fullest. Anyone who works with her is deeply blessed and will experience magical growth, healing and transformation of both their bodies and their lives.

- Allison Whitmore

Working with Meegan was a very special experience.  She is a beautiful person with the kindest soul. Every time we worked together, I felt her love and compassion.

In our work together I learned a very important lesson, that in order for my body to heal, I needed to learn ways to lower my stress. I also needed to start paying attention to my thoughts, my mindset. It wasn’t until I got my mind right, that my body started responding.  The tools she gave me to help me I will use forever.

Working with Meegan was the most valuable experience of my life and I consider it an irreplaceable gift to myself.

- Keri Branson

About a year and a half ago I had come to realize I was in crisis, full-blown crisis.  I was “living” with a constant unrelenting high level of stress due to my mother’s Alzheimer’s, upcoming loss of a long-term job, my oldest child leaving for college and uncontrolled hashimoto’s thyroiditis to name a few.  I was at my breaking point and most of my sentences began with “If I can just get past x, y, z things will get better”. Guess what, they didn’t get better and I got worse. I stopped exercising, sleeping and taking care of myself in general.  I felt like the shell of a woman I no longer remembered. After a particularly bad day, I realized that if I didn’t stop and take care of myself then I’d be the one dead of heart attack at 45. In came Meegan…

I reached out to my very dear and long-time friend for help.  We spent the next three months unravelling the past few years and old habits and starting working on the future and good habits.  I first and foremost learned to be kind and gentle to and with myself. Amazing how hard something so simple can be. I won’t say that I’m always good at this but I’m so much better than I ever have been.  I’ve let go of guilt and even some non-life affirming friends but gained an incredible amount of peace and happiness in return. As my life/health coach, Meegan did it all. She was my friend, therapist, nutritionist, cheerleader and when needed “kick in the ass”.  Because of our time together I am a better wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend to those people I love dearly in my life. And for this, I say thank you with all my heart.

- Jackie Young