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 An 8 week group program to up-level your health and wellness game. 

You are doing all the things.  Perhaps working, mom-ing, wife-ing, friend-ing, running your household.  Doing for everyone before your do anything for yourself. You have realized that somewhere along the way, you feeling your best, feeling like yourself, and quite frankly you aren’t doing anything all that well and most importantly your health and well-being has taken a back seat. Sister, you know the saying…”you can’t pour from an empty cup.”  It’s true! It’s time to fill up your damn cup.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself, “ Am I thriving or just merely getting by?”  I believe I know the answer if you are checking this out.  

I have been where you are, I know how you are feeling.  You want to feel better and to have more energy but you can’t seem to stop treading water.  You know it’s time to really come back to you, to yourself, your best self, but they are not sure where to start.

The Wellness Circle is designed to bring an amazing group of women together while they up their energy, amp up their moods, get their confidence back, and achieve their goals.  

The path to true health and wellness can be filled with things that excite, inspire, or even scare you, but committing to a program like this you will learn to show up with purpose for yourself and those you love, achieve more and you will feel better than ever and so grateful to have a group of supportive women who have your back.